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About Us



  1. A real estate agent who has achieved a healthy work-life balance through active application of RealPERTS techniques.
  2. A real estate agent who has mastered the art of accomplishing clients’ goals as a result of intensive training in RealPERTS proven methodologies.

When RealPERTS founder David Huffman observed that coaching organizations were offering agents the same tired scripts over and over again, he knew that rote messages couldn’t possibly answer the needs of either agents or clients.

David set out to create RealPERTS to provide agents with tools that enable them to generate and tailor their own dialogues to fit each unique situation, from open house to listing acquisition, to hardship situations, such as short sales.

Just as every client is different, so every agent has a unique personality. At RealPERTS, we focus on custom lead generation that takes into consideration the person you are.

RealPERTS coaches are highly skilled agents who have been trained in D.I.S.C.® and can therefore tailor their instruction to your personality and individual learning style. RealPERTS coaches gain insight into you in order to provide the very best support possible based on your unique strengths.

Learn how we can tailor one of our programs to fit your needs and goals. Schedule your free Exploratory Session with RealPERTS today. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

David Huffman, founder of RealPERTS, has been a licensed real estate agent and broker since 2002. In his fifteen years of experience selling real estate, David has sold more than 1,000 homes. He has also coached many of his fellow agents and hosted the radio show, “Real Talk Real Estate.” Within the past two years, David has led approximately 4,000 coaching calls, while continuing to serve as a broker.

By implementing his own strategies for work-life balance, David has been able to follow his passion to become a licensed pilot. He enjoys flying his Cirrus for both business and pleasure and traveling to new places. David also founded the Central Arkansas Young Professionals’ Network (YPN), which honored him in 2015 as Realtor of the Year. The YPN regularly donates to Habitat for Humanity. One of David’s most satisfying endeavors, however, continues to be helping agents create the fulfilling life they seek through RealPERTS training.

If you would like to learn more about how the heck I came up with the name RealPERTS and what it means then CLICK HERE.

RealPERTS understands the importance of agent safety and is a proud supporter of the Beverly Carter Foundation.