RealPERTS | Background of Company Name
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Background of Company Name

David, where the heck did you come up with the name RealPERTS?

Funny story actually, I wanted a unique company name and not just be Coach David Huffman Inc. like all the rest as my company is not all about me.  I wanted a name that my clients (agents) could get behind as a reminder of how they are different than other agents. 

It started off as a way to represent “Real Estate Experts” without being cliché but it soon turned into an acronym that stands for who we are as a brand.  These are key points that we focus on as a brand and that we teach our clients to be focused on too. 

“Real” is an easy part as it is just who I am and who I want to surround myself with.  I know you can’t be REAL with everyone… I get it.  But with your coach you have to be real at all times and being REAL is the first step to solving any problem.  My staff 100% commits to being REAL with you as well.  

P is for Profession or Profits.  We all generally have to have one right?  Even Richard Branson still has a profession.  It’s what we do to generate capital.  It’s who we are professionally.  We have to be focused on getting better at our profession at all times to increase our income so we can do what we want to do when we want to do it.

E is for Experiences.  I don’t know about you but I was not put here on earth to just do a job or profession.  I love experiencing life and I’m sure you do too.  One of my favorite hashtags that I post often is #MakeYourLifeCount  I want to be surrounded by people that I can support to do just that. 

R is for Relationships.  Relationships are key to have whether you are single or married.  I mean REAL relationships with people.  Having healthy relationships around you is vital in anyones success and sanity.   

T is for Time.  We all have a certain number of days on this earth so we better spend our time wisely.  Selfishly I like to say I help agents save time in getting the results they want so they can spend that time as they choose.  I want to make sure you respect your time and not allow people to take your time from you.  Again, #MakeYourLifeCount.

S is for Self.  This is a unique one.  I say self as a reason that when you need to do something for yourself then you need to look at it as an appointment with yourself.  Most people will not reschedule an appointment when it involves meeting another person, but when it is something that you have scheduled for yourself it is generally negotiable.  Too many people will give up something they know they need to do for themselves in order to help others.  But this usually ends up becoming a financial cost to you as an agent.  I want you to know when you schedule yoga, prospecting or  a walk on the beach that no matter what happens you have an appointment with yourself and to not reschedule.

The line at the beginning of the logo represents a line in the sand (cliché I know) that I want agents to draw that they have changed they way they look at their time and business.

The colors?  I love the ocean (I mean beautiful light blue oceans) and I wanted that color represented as well.

So there are the reasons I came up with RealPERTS as the company name. 

In a perfect world I’d love for agents to get behind this brand in order to show that they are different, they are making their life count, they are great protectors of their time and they want to share with their clients that they are a different than other agents.

Who knows…maybe one day it will be in the dictionary (or urban dictionary).  Ha!