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Tracking Closings is Actually Costing You Money – David Huffman

Tracking Closings is Actually Costing You Money – David Huffman

On this episode of the Real Talk Real Estate Show, David Huffman discusses how tracking your closings each month is actually costing you money.

Years ago David found that by having a “Closing” goal and trying to achieve that each month was basically impossible. Here a few examples David gives to prove this point.

By focusing on new executed contracts written each month or new “Pending” contracts allowed him to:

1. Hit his yearly income goal.
2. Took a large yearly budget and condensed it into attainable goals.
3. Clarity if he was on track or not each month.
4. Make sure that his production was on track throughout the entire year.
5. Say “Goodbye” to the Real Estate Roller Coaster Income Stream!

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